In times past, Bipolar disorder was referred to as maniac depression. It is a mental health disorder whereby an individual shows mood swings at extreme lengths.

So, the person might either be depressed or hyper-active. Someone who is depressed loses feelings and interests in activities that previously attracted the individual.

While someone who is hyper-active is always full of energy and boisterous, and sometimes the individual might be irritable. Someone who has mood swings would be unable to think properly, sleep well, and carry out other needed activities.

These bouts of mood swings will rarely occur or they could happen several times a year. It depends on the make-up of the person. In children and teenagers, bipolar disorder is quite difficult to identify. It would be hard to tell of they are conventional mood switches or aftermaths of stress and the likes.

Bipolar disorder occurs differently in adults than it does in children, it is an entirely different pattern. One of the most notable signs observable in children is terrible mood swings than it is different from their conventional mood swings.

Irrespective of the mood extremes, people who have bipolar disorder fail to notice how their condition affects the lives of those around them. So, if they do not get the treatment, they would continue to live their lives unaware of the damage they are causing.

Some people who have bipolar disorder might revel in euphoria and this can make them to be more productive. Often times, they experience an emotional downturn that can make them depressed. Other times, they find themselves in all sorts of trouble.

If you are experiencing any symptom of mental health disorder, it is essential to see your healthcare provider in order to receive help. It is a rare sight for you to see bipolar disorder get better all by itself. You need to seek help from trusted professionals.

Some people who have bipolar disorders are likely to have suicidal thoughts, so they can harbor thoughts of harming themselves.

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