Someone who experiences a panic attack undergoes an instant episode of strong fear which causes chronic physical reactions in the presence of no real danger.

Panic attacks can be a very frightening process, and when it takes place, you would think that all is beyond your hands, and it could look like you are dying.

Most times, people who experience panic attacks have just one or two all through their lifetime. However, there are some people who experience panic attacks more regularly, especially after the end of a stressful situation.

If someone experiences panic attacks frequently, it is referred to as panic disorder. Panic attacks cannot take the life of an individual, but it gives the person an impression that their lives is about to be taken from them.

Panic attacks and disorder can happen instantly without any prior notice. It could happen when you are driving to work, when you are sleeping, eating and a host of other activities.

There are variations of panic attacks, and the symptoms become intense almost immediately. You would feel so tired when the panic attack fades off.

People who have experienced panic attacks usually fear of having another one. So, they would try to avoid some situations that could induce it, based on the last one they experienced.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of panic attacks and disorders, it is important to seek help promptly. This is not a mental disorder that you should keep to yourself. They are very unpleasant and uncomfortable situations but they are not dangerous.

It is impossible to manage a panic attack all by yourself, so it is necessary to have yourself checked by a healthcare provider.

When panic attacks kick off, they do not come with any warning. However, overtime, they are induced by some situations. So, for the meantime before seeing a healthcare provider, it is necessary to be watchful of those situations and see if they can be avoided.

For now, there is no proven method of preventing panic attacks, but it is best to seek treatment promptly.

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